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Call to book an appointment for winter tire switch over from $69.95 (Tires on rims) plus applicaple taxes on most vehicles. Check below for our NOVEMBER WINTERIZE special offer!!

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Preston Street Garage is a family owned and operated small business in the heart of little Italy. Since 1982, we’ve been providing our friends and neighbors in the entire Ottawa Gatineau area with dependable, trustworthy auto repairs.

Preston Street Garage automotive repair, and preventative maintenance, plus much more. Give us a call today, or schedule an appointment online to find out why motorists in Ottawa prefer to do business with us!

WINTERIZE SPECIAL $149.99+ Applicable taxes

For the Month of November WE'LL WINTERIZE YOUR VEHICLE for $149.99.Includes the 5 point check up, up to 5 liters of Synthetic oil and filter, 2 free winter blades, plus applicable taxes on most vehicles 

5-Point Checklist to Winterize Your Car
  1. Synthetic Oil Frigid temperatures and challenging driving conditions make your engine work even harder. An easy way to help keep your engine running smoothly this winter is to keep up with your oil and oil filter changes. Upgrading to synthetic oil can help provide added protection against engine wear in harsh conditions and extreme cold temperatures.
  2. Wiper Blades It’s very important to replace old wiper blades showing signs of damage or wear to ensure clear down road visibility. Having the right wipers that don’t skip, streak or split can make all the difference. We provide free  winter wiper blades for safe winter driving.
  3. Winter Tires -Peace of Mind: No matter what the weather brings, driving with winter tires can help to improve your vehicle’s braking and maneuverability in winter conditions. We will check your snow tires and make any recommendations on the best snow tires for your vehicle.
  4. Battery Test You might not have known it, but hot summers can be very harsh on batteries! Your vehicle’s ability to start isn’t something you should take for granted through the Canadian winter. It is always a good idea to have your battery and other electrical systems checked to help ensure your vehicle starts when the temperatures drop. We will check your battery strength.
  5. Antifreeze / Coolant -It is important to have your vehicle’s coolant levels checked prior to the winter season. Fresh coolant is less likely to freeze and can help prevent rust and corrosion from building up in your cooling system. We will top all fluids.
You want to make sure your car is ready to handle tough driving conditions that come when winter storms arrive. Let our team help you prepare with our winterizing services today. Please call to book an appointment and we will get to work right away to make sure your antifreeze is at the right level and your vehicle is ready to handle the snow, the cold, and the potential of any hazards on the road. You’ll be glad to have a car that’s been winterized by our team when you head back on the road.

Our Commitment to You!

Modern living demands that we’re where we need to be when we need to be there. And how we get there is just as important. That means that one of our most valued investments is our car.

So, when the time comes that our trusty steed starts rattling, squeaking, clanking or even buzzing, it’s not uncommon to freak out. Well, don’t. Your car just needs a bit of maintenance or a quick repair.

At Preston Street Garage, we know and understand cars, and what they need to get you back on the road urgently. We prioritise your cars needs and work tirelessly to ensure that they are in great shape. This is our promise; to take the stress off your hands and to repair your car and ensure smooth cruising around Ottawa.

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